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The cry of my heart is to make information available to anyone that wants the facts on the aberrant teachings that has invaded the church.

I started this home page for my own private informational resources. I never intended to make it public. Therefore, I have, what I consider garbage as well as sound ministries and doctrine as well as my own testimony of experiences and events in the life of my family and my self. I have added stern warnings for the sake of the soul that is caught up in these aberrant/cult-like movements. It may look to the reader that I am anti Church and or Ministries, not so. I am however against the flesh and carnal and aberrant taking over the Church.

My heart is in these pages, I have worked for years on this info. If one person is spared because of my efforts my work is rewarded in full. I have not been personally involved in every ministry or church mentioned but it is all of the same root.

If the reader wants me to research an area that is not mentioned in these pages you can reach me at the enclosed e-mail address and I will do my best to add them to these pages, I may not answer your request but will certainly try to inform you as previously mentioned when you contact me, please specify in the subject heading "Research". If you want to contact me to criticize my work or testimony...please don't...if you feel the need to...then obviously these pages were not meant for you.

please specify in the subject heading "Research".

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